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your lost time

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“One thing leads to another” applies to your work too.
We help you to unclutter
excessive collaboration tools
and unnecessary business reports.

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Work begets work?!


We're spending time on redundant tasks, unnecessary meetings, and managing an average of more than 8 apps, doing
'work for work's sake'

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What are “the works” for work?

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Tracking work status

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App switching

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Priority management

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Once you reduce “the works”,
one can save
5 working hours
in average

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How can you recover
lost time?

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Recover your lost time.
NoriS is here to help you.

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Let me introduce...


NoriS Task Bot

Collects user’s work data

NoriS Task Finder

Standardize unstructured data, and analyzes and discover relationships of process data

User’s work data
is thoroughly and carefully collected


Keystrokes, Mouse input
Process information
Names of files and directories
Titles of pages




To and from work,
automatically analyze


Write reports about
productivity, work patterns,
bottleneck discovery

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