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With just one login,
anyone can have a focused day every day :)
Concentrate on yourself right now

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We will smartly manage your tasks for you


The user focuses on work,
while WorKit enhances productivity

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Main Dashboard

Check at a glance how much you've focused


We start each day with similar yet new tasks. Sometimes, we waste time on tasks for the sake of work itself. Easily check through the dashboard to see what tasks you focused on and when you spent time on tasks for the sake of work


#Team operation efficiency and transparency inventory

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Work concentration management

Let's assess the work concentration of team members


Work is not something you can do alone. It's important to collaborate with people from various backgrounds and expertise. Let's assess the work concentration of colleagues who work alongside us and strive to build strong teamwork together


#Enhancing user's work concentration and productivity

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Program usage status

You can check which programs were used


Throughout the day, we use various programs for work. By compiling program usage status, we can easily check which programs contribute to high work concentration

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PC utilization status detailed page

Let's find your work routine


It's not easy to fill the work within the designated working hours.
By checking the average usage of the PC based on the working hours every day, you can establish your work routine

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Work hour check

Smartly manage

your work hours


The most important attendance management when working at a company, WorKit automatically checks your working hours without the hassle of clocking in and out. Don't worry even when working remotely. WorKit will inform you of your working hours and commuting times

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#Remote worker work concentration management

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WorKit plans to provide a wider range of technologies and services in the future

Upcoming technology updates

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Real-time data analysis

Real-time data analysis results sharing

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Analysis of specific task types

IR presentation creation for OO Investment Firm, process analysis; Model research; Meeting material preparation for △△ Corporation; AWS infrastructure
modifications, etc.

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Work types Classification

Documenting, Design Work, Development, Meeting, etc.


Visualization of work processes

"Automated process map generation,
inefficiency factor analysis (identifying repetitive and bottleneck sections),
anomaly detection in processes, etc.

Upcoming service updates

PC security check

Real-time monitoring and user guidance for virus activities such as ransomware, using advanced computer process usage analysis

Remote work management

Providing real-time monitoring of team members' work types and productivity management notification services

User Profiling

Recommendation of necessary personnel for team building for projects based on analysis of
user work patterns

User productivity management

Real-time monitoring of user productivity by work hours and distribution by work type.

Corporate data leakage inspection

Detection of corporate data leakage based on analysis of user PC usage behavior patterns

Prediction of job turnover likelihood

Development of a model to predict job turnover likelihood
by analyzing the work patterns of employees who have resigned

Providing business
process maps

Automated task segment recommendations

Providing users with visualized representations of their work processes using advanced business data
analysis technology

Automated guidance for task segments where automation is possible
based on analysis of inefficiency factors (repetitive and bottleneck sections)

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Do you want to improve your work productivity?

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Start with a free trial

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