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Business automation
accessible to everyone

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You do not need to be a developer
Our goal is to provide a business automation solution
that everyone can use with ease

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How easy is to use
NoriSpace’s automation solution?



Login once
Your process data will be
automatically collected and analyzed

Install the NoriS Task Bot Client and log in.
You're ready for business process analysis!


Deduce work processes
Report and share work productivity
all based on your work data

Visualize and share your daily work processes.
Learn how productive you were on each task.

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User-friendly business automation
solution by NoriSpace

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What is WorKit?

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WorKit is a process automation solution
which collects and analyzes process data
based on AI technology

Benefits of using WorKit

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Quantitative metrics


Quantification of
work focus level and productivity

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Standardization of Business Data


Detection of bottlenecks
and proposal of automation

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Business Automation


Automation of inefficient processes

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