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"I'll take the break!
Who's going to do the work?

People who rest well also work well!
How about a flexible work environment where you can work autonomously with full immersion
and take proper breaks when needed?

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What is a job title?
Following the trend of horizontal culture

To create a horizontal organizational culture, unnecessary job titles are eliminated,
and all members freely share opinions and communicate :)

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Gather all those who want to go crazy!

Individual growth is the company's growth!
Focus on individual growth, enabling the acquisition of increasingly stronger capabilities

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NoriSpace is looking
for talents like this


Talented individuals who constantly
learn and embrace new possibilities by viewing tasks from various perspectives

Trustworthy individuals

Individuals who work fairly,
show consideration,
and know how to build trust

Responsible individuals

Talented individuals with a sense of ownership, responsibly resolving tasks

Communicative individuals

Talented individuals who can enhance work efficiency and
elevate the outcomes through dignified communication

To become a great place to work,
let's create a culture together


Flexible working


"Commute times are up to you!
We operate a flexible working hours system.
Core hours
(from 10:00 to 16:00 with a total of 40 hours per week of self-managed work)


Diverse vacation policies


Enjoy an additional 3 days of refresh leave!
Take your 18 days of annual leave whenever you want :D
In addition, we offer various other leave options including half-day leave, condolence leave, parental leave, and paternity leave


Open communication


Every first Friday morning of the month,
we set aside time for all employees to communicate
during Coffee & Donut Time.
We exchange diverse opinions, find solutions, and build our company culture together


Providing welcome kits


We warmly welcome new employees by
providing welcome kits

We generously support the
enhancement of colleagues' skills


Office equipment support


We provide office equipment such as dual monitors,
latest laptops, GPU servers, etc.,
to enhance work efficiency


Support for


We support the purchase of
books relevant to work,
attendance of courses, and covering conference fees to aid in professional development


Support for congratulatory
and condolence


We support both joyful and sorrowful occasions
by providing condolence leave and financial support
for congratulatory and condolence events


Unlimited GPU support

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We provide unlimited GPU support for
artificial intelligence research and development

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